I’m Scott Funk, and I’ve specialized in Home Equity Conversion Mortgage reverse mortgages for over a decade. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about how these programs can work from my clients that have them. We created this site so you could find the answers to your questions about reverse mortgages without the hype, calculators, movie stars or pressure to give up more information then you get. You can search through over 100 questions and answers, check out the Glossary or explore the blogs. We post Tuesdays about reverse mortgages and Fridays about being an aging Boomer. Our intent is to share our experiences whether complicated or funny. ’Hope you find the site useful and share it with your friends. We also look forward to hearing what you think. After all, we’ve tried to create it with you in mind. If you have questions, I really do want to answer them.


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Worst Reverse Mortgage Mistakes (Part 2)

Even tougher is the reality of hard math, with a reverse mortgage or without. This can lead to the second biggest mistake people make with reverse mortgages: they stay too long in a situation they can’t afford. When a reverse mortgage is used not just to pay off an existing mortgage or to buy a new house, it makes a portion of the home equity avail

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Worst Reverse Mortgage Mistakes (Part One)

While there are lots of errors you can make in getting a reverse mortgage, one stands out among the worst: that is deciding to wait until you are older and have greater financial needs before setting up a reverse mortgage. I’ve heard it all too often, “We can manage a few more years before the money runs out. Then we will call you.” Now, don’t get

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Understanding a HECM Reverse Mortgage as an Unstructured Loan

Let us begin with understanding that there are no institutions loaning money in a reliable and predictable manner for free. When money is borrowed, it must be paid back and some amount of interest will be due. For the borrower, what matters is how much interest, when payments are required, and at what point the entire debt must be repaid. Ideally,

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