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The Housing Inheritance Myth and Reverse Mortgages

The reason I call it the “Housing Inheritance Myth” for people considering reverse mortgages is that the gap between desire and reality is so wide. Yes, myth may be a bit strong, but bear with me a bit while I try and explain myself. Passing one’s home along to one’s children is part of the American Dream of home ownership. We inherited that dream

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Colt .45

I have no sympathy for my fellow Boomers who cruise eBay in search of mementoes of their past. “Leave it lie and move ahead”, is my motto. “Let the past be the passed.” But that was before my wonderful sister gave me the surprise gift of a toy Colt .45 that was my favorite childhood gun. It is magnificent. It is perfect. I am a hypocrite. She said

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Worst Reverse Mortgage Mistakes (Part 2)

Even tougher is the reality of hard math, with a reverse mortgage or without. This can lead to the second biggest mistake people make with reverse mortgages: they stay too long in a situation they can’t afford. When a reverse mortgage is used not just to pay off an existing mortgage or to buy a new house, it makes a portion of the home equity avail

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