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HELOC Payment Shock Coming?

So, what’s a HELOC and why are things changing with them?  Well, a HELOC is a Home Equity Line of Credit.  This is an equity line, with an adjustable rate.  Usually, only interest payments are required during the first 10 years of the note.  After that, they reset to include principal payments sufficient to retire all the debt in the remaining year

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Aging Bonus

OK. There is a lot of negative stuff about getting older. For the most part, it seems the only positive is the “senior discount” and that comes with a down side. Few things hurt more than claiming to be 65 early and not being carded for proof of age. Still, there are bonuses to being older. Benefits, if you will. The first one is that you have alre

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I Help Protect Middle-Aged People from Their Parent’s Problems

As a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage reverse mortgage consultant, I’m asked a lot what I do. My answer is, “I help protect middle-aged people from their Parent’s problems”. How do I do that? By assisting the 62-plus crowd in maintaining their financial independence. They are called the sandwich generation, middle-aged people at risk of having to su

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